Jumat, 29 Mei 2015

Seasonings and How to Make Gado Gado

Seasonings and How to Make Gado Gado - Gado-gado is a traditional food of some foods native Java. To make this dish, you should make the vegetable beforehand by boiling. Vegetables are used to make this food very varied, for example, cabbage, bean sprouts / sprouts, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, and other vegetables. That some cooking ingredients gado gado, which will be equipped with supplementary materials to taste more delicious. And what about the sauces, if the food is famous for its chili ijonya meadows, the famous gado gado with peanut sauce, finely grind the way for him with peanuts / peanut Brol (Javanese) plus fried or roasted with peppers, onions, salt, lime leaves and some other spices which is then refined. As supplementary material, we can add chips or crackers melinjo fried shrimp on it. His name is also gado gado, if in the Java language, gado / nggado it means eating without putting on rice means we can immediately eat. However, we can also eat it with white rice or with rice cake so that the stomach is full.

Recipes gado gado relatively easy. I myself was once a hodgepodge do not know what it's like. Eh gado gado was similar to pecel. If such was my mother used to make from. But it seems not a little different, more pronounced taste. Gado gado first bought it in Semarang City in the Smelter. Because of hungry and curious that what cuisine, I finally tried it and it turned out delicious not playing. And often I had lunch with gado gado that time. The price is relatively low, ranging from 5000 dollars to 6000 dollars. If stopped at Semarang try it deh. Continues how to cook gado gado this? Immediately, we see.

One of the dishes are very popular with everyone. It feels fresh and spicy into appeal and make everyone hooked. Recipes hodgepodge that we serve is very tasty and delicious, and you can try it at home. Gado-gado will never be abandoned by fans. With a spicy peanut sauce and more delicious flavor hodgepodge make fuller. Hodgepodge own words taken from many types of materials that exist in the menu hodgepodge. For those of you who want to make a hodgepodge steady, see recipe hodgepodge of us this.